Daniels Food Equipment, a Minnesota corporation, was formed in May of 1990. We specialize in the manufacturing of high quality, UL approved, stainless steel food processing equipment, such as vacuum tumblers, mixers, mixer grinders and stuffers. We also offer a line of N.S.F approved custom packing grade tables, cabinets, and other food preparation accessories.

The management staff at Daniels Food Equipment has 30 years of experience in the food service, sausage making and food processing machinery manufacturing industries. This web site offers technical services for all of these areas.

From buying machinery to building a food product, contact Daniels Food Equipment

Experience the DFE difference.

The D.F.E. Difference makes available an opportunity to enhance your productivity by providing equipment configured to “your” needs. Configuring equipment to meet your needs is a way of life and an attitude at Daniels.

The D.F.E. Difference brings you, the Customer fast response time and exceptional service with one phone call. Most machine orders are shipped within 24 hours and parts are 95% shipped the same day. The D.F.E. Difference drives the end users downtime to a minimum with technical support and parts only a phone call away.

Contact your local dealer or call Daniels Food Equipment direct to find your nearest dealer.

Experience the D.F.E. difference.